What the Bible Teaches - Proverbs & Ecclesiastes

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PROVERBS by A. J. Higgins. More than a dozen themes recur throughout this book. These include: diligence, honesty, control of the tongue, moral courage, righteousness, mercy and truthfulness. Like a skilled craftsman, the writer approaches these themes in a variety of ways, shining the light of wisdom upon one facet after another, contrasting and comparing each virtue while encouraging as well as warning the reader of prevalent dangers to be found on the pathway of life. 

ECCLESIASTES by B. Currie. The contents of the book are presented in the style of a teacher delivering a sermon, or giving a number of sermons or oral statements brought together. The theme of his thesis is to assess the benefits, if there are any, of living for pleasure, self and sin, while ignoring God and His claims. The experiences of life are gathered together and the writer concludes by telling us exactly what kind of living is truly worthwhile.

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