The View From Mount Calvary



Category: Person & Work of Christ
John Phillips

This book surveys the entire Bible and shows how its many sections, books, and subjects all revolve around the death of Jesus on Mount Calvary.


The View from Mount Calvary will deepen readers' appreciation of the finished work of Christ as John Phillips guides you through the entire Bible.

Without Jesus, the Bible makes no sense. And without his atoning death on the cross, the Bible makes no difference. From Genesis to Revelation, the death of Jesus On Mount Calvary is the Bible's central theme.

'So, Calvary covers it all,' writes John Phillips. 'Calvary was conceived in the mind of God in a past eternity. Its shadow lay across the inspired Old Testament page. Its stark reality is detailed for us in the gospels. Its blessed results are the themes of the Epistles. In ages yet unborn, Calvary will be the lasting wonder of all God's redeemed.'


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