Unlocking the Bible

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David Pawson

A unique overview of both the Old and New Testaments, from a widely respected evangelical speaker and writer. Unlocking the Bible opens up the word of God in a fresh and powerful way. Avoiding the small detail of verse by verse studies, it sets out the epic story of God and his people in Israel. The culture, historical background and people are introduced and the teaching applied to the modern world.

Eight volumes have been brought into one compact and easy to use guide to cover both the Old and the New testaments in one massive omnibus edition.

Old Testament: • The Maker’s Instructions The five books of law • A Land and A Kingdom Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1&2 Samuel, 1&2 Kings • Poems of Worship and Wisdom Psalms, Song of Solomon, proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Job • Decline and Fall of an Empire Isaiah, Jeremiah and other prophets • The Struggle to Survive Chronicles and prophets of exile

New Testament: • The Hinge of History Mathew, Mark, Luke, John and acts • The Thirteenth Apostle Paul and his letters • Through Suffering to Glory Revelation, Hebrews, and the letters of James, Peter and Jude

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