Topz Secret Stories The Cloudgate Mystery

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Alexa Tewkesbury

Sixteen-year-old Lizzi is going to summer school in Paris but to help raise funds she’s doing pavement art around Holly Hill and helping to run an art week for 20 children. To be accepted onto the course you have to submit one piece of inspiring art.

Clyde from the Dixons Gang is desperate to be chosen. He loves art and starts to paint a mysterious design he calls ‘The Cloudgate' to prove that he’s good enough. But, when no one seems to understand his efforts and his sister Ashley tells him he’s wasting his time, he believes her and gives up. 

Fortunately, the Topz Gang find the unfinished painting and together with Lizzi convince Clyde that he has real talent. Clyde explains the meaning of the painting and decides to put the finishing touches to it.

In this new Topz secret story, Dixons and Topz learn that regardless of what other people may think all our efforts matter to God and He will always be there to help and affirm us.

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