They Finished Their Course - Volume 5 - HB

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Between the years of 2000 and 2019, some valued servants of the Lord were called home. This book is a short interesting biography of these men who were involved in preaching, teaching and missionary work. Many were household names to most of us and their memory is revered. Others may not be so well known, yet they faithfully served their Master during their lifetime. The world has a saying that ‘behind every good man is a good woman.’ The men whose stories appear in these pages are, generally, no exception. The majority of these biographies record the lives of two people, a husband and wife. These dear wives often ‘stood by the stuff’ to allow their husbands to engage fully in the work to which the Lord had called them. The majority of biographies tell the story of two people dedicated to the work of God. There are fifty five records included in this substantial volume and the first print run has been produced in a beautiful hardback edition. We would recommend that you pre-order this limited edition to avoid disappointment.

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