A Terrified World and Silent Churches

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Category: Prophecy
Donald C B Cameron

The Lord Jesus Christ foretold a time of “men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things that are coming on the earth.” We are not yet at that point, but it is fast approaching. We have seen that God is currently allowing the world to experience escalating fear of inter-racial strife, warfare, lawlessness, violence, environmental disasters, famines and pandemics, all features foretold as heralding the nearness of Christ’s Second Coming. Astonishingly most churches offer no explanations, and are therefore almost powerless to act with authority as Christ’s ambassadors at a time of crisis. They have been muzzled by the three contrasting false teachings or myths (a) that the Church is the ‘New Israel’, (b) that the world is to end at Christ’s Return, and (c) that the world is to be ‘Christianised’ and morally and environmentally restored before Christ’s Return, rather than after it. Messianic prophecies fulfilled at His First Coming are taken literally; those referring to His Second Coming are ignored or allegorised. No wonder Churches have so little to say to a fearful world! The Table of Contents demonstrates how comprehensively this book deals with the history, personalities, theories, internal variations, implications and excuses offered in defence of these spurious programmes or myths, which, individually or collectively, silence or even paralyse many modern churches and dispel the urgency to proclaim the need to repent while there is still time. Donald Cameron was an Army educational officer, but, as a Russian interpreter, also had experience in intelligence and international diplomacy, regularly in contact with high level opposite numbers during the Cold War. As a Christian throughout his long military career, he was involved with a wide variety of churches and organisations, and was often in leadership. Thereafter he was a staff development consultant. He has written fourteen previous books and numerous articles and booklets on prophetic subjects. He and his wife live in the Scottish Borders.

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