Tangled Web

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Eunice Wilkie

It's 2020 and three neighbours are locked down in the Covid pandemic; but they have discovered a secret fortune which could change their lives. They would never have chosen to share this secret – or the fortune – with each other, but circumstances conspire to bring them together. Now they must decide what to do. Can they trust each other? Are they really what they seem?

A police detective is hunting for a case of missing cash. It's not a safe hoard: in fact, it belongs to a drug cartel. Will he find the money before someone gets hurt? Or are two local deaths already a consequence of the missing cash?

The twists and turns of this mystery novella will keep you guessing, and fundamental questions provoke thought about human nature: about right and wrong; the relevance – or irrelevance – of God; about the origins of personal conscience. Ultimately, the question you must ask yourself is, how far would you go if no one was looking?

This mystery novella provokes thought about fundamental questions in life, while at the same time providing an intriguing, entertaining mystery. This book will be a thought-provoking read to people of all worldviews.

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