Taizé Reflections Volume 1

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Taizé Reflections: Volume 1 is the new album from a historic monastic community in rural France. Most commonly known for meditative songs like Oh Lord Hear My Prayer and Bless the Lord this album is a deeply spiritual set of 30 compositions of prayer accompanied by contemplative music.
The story of the Taizé community is a fascinating tale spanning 70 years. In the late 1930's a swiss theology student decided to buy a small house in unoccupied France. With a heart for evangelizing to the poor Brother Roger's house became a shelter for war refugees, the poor and the needy of a war torn country.
After the war a few men were inspired by Brother Roger. Coming together at that small house in a rural French village called Taizé they dedicated themselves to living lives that served the world and thus the monastic of Taizé was born. In modern times hundred of people from all over the world make the hallowed pilgrimage to worship with the Taizé community joining with them in prayer and worship.
Join the legacy of Brother Roger with Taizé Reflections: Volume 1

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