Stars To Shine Instrumental CD

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Graeme Hewitson

A new range to enhance our current Instrumental Series of Children’s choruses. Take a trip down memory lane with some favourite Sunday School Classics and take the opportunity to pass them along to the next generation. A beautiful collection of calm instrumental Choruses played on the piano by Graeme Hewitson. The following tracks are included on the CD

  1. I Cast All My Care Upon You
  2. I'm Special  
  3. Lord I Lift Your Name On High
  4. Jesus Loves The Little Children/Jesus Loves Me
  5. God's Love Is Like A Circle 
  6. Seek Ye First 
  7. Kumbaya/Whisper A Prayer
  8. Shine Jesus Shine
  9. The Lord Is My Shepherd/Be Careful Little Eyes
  10. Behold What Manner/A New Commandment
  11. He Made The Stars/I Have Decided
  12. Let's Talk About Jesus
  13. He Paid A Debt/This Little Light Of Mine
  14. Let There Be Love

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