Sparky Smart from Priory Park The Purring Wombat and other mishaps

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Category: Books Age 8-13
Alexa Tewkesbury

Moving house can be fraught with difficulties, and it’s no different for the Smart family in Horrible house-hunting. From dealing with snooty estate agents to house-viewing disasters, Sparky and her family discover that there really is no place like home. 

Holidays are great, but getting there can be easier said than done. In Smarts on holiday, our favourite family from Priory Park is once again beset by delays and near-disasters as they endeavour to get away for a much-anticipated break. 

One of Sparky’s favourite things about Grandad Bagg is the twinkle in his eye. But lately, it’s just not there. So Sparky sets out to take Grandad on a brand new adventure and get that twinkle back! A motorbike shop, a 71-year-old and and 8-year-old… what could possibly go wrong? Find out in The purring wombat…

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