Sparky Smart from Priory Park The Crinkly Cousins and other mishaps

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Category: Books Age 8-13
Alexa Tewkesbury

The crinkly cousins come to stay – Some weeks, even the simplest things in life can go a little haywire. In this wonderfully real comedy of errors, the Smart family and their visiting cousins experience one such week of calamity and chaos. 

Have you ever tried to help someone out of a sticky situation, only to find that the ‘solution’ just makes things worse, until they are spiralling out of control? In The mysterious case of the vanishing slippers, poor Sparky learns that even the best intentions can go hilariously astray.

Sparky Smart is desperate for a dog, but Mrs Smart is unconvinced. So when Sparky – known for her bright ideas – is given the opportunity to look after the neighbour’s Chihuahua puppy in A dog for a day , she thinks it’s the perfect chance to show her mum just how easy pet-ownership can be… 

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