A Simple Guide to Worship

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Although the word ‘worship’ features extensively in Scripture, it is difficult to find a Bible verse that could be used as a definition. The general feeling is that it is more easily experienced than explained!

This simple, biblical, practical and concise study by Jack Hay explains the purpose and significance of worship and goes back to the first mention of worship in our Bible. The author gives good guidance on how we should prepare for worship, and provides “case studies” of examples of acts of worship that took place in Scripture. Some chapters are devoted to explaining the institution of the Lord’s Supper and explain the reasons why we should follow this command given to us by the Lord Jesus Himself.

Whilst this book is not an exhaustive study, it will be a challenge to those interested in deepening their understanding and will help reconnect to the real purpose and meaning of worship. It will also be a useful guide for new Christians.

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