In The Shelter Of His Shadow - Thoughts on Psalm 91

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Category: Old Testament Commentaries
Graham Burchell

This book based on Psalm 91 is one of the Messianic Psalms, also it is the first chapter at the start of book 4 of the Psalms. The author Graham Burchell from his careful and prayerful study of the text, brings out some excellent thoughts to encourage us as believers in our daily Christian walk. Also, he promotes worship as we consider GOD and His 4 Names given in verses 1 & 2.

He suggests we reflect on His past faithful dealings with the children of Israel in love and gracious faithfulness. Think about His present love and care for His redeemed people today. Also, His leading and protection for the future. We are told in the text “He is my Refuge, He is my Fortress”.

God is speaking to His people for all time. Fellowship with God our Father is the glorious climax of Psalm 91. This book is a wonderful introduction for your own further study of this chapter in Scripture.

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