Search For Truth Series - 3 Book Set

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Category: Books Age 8-13
Ruth Chesney

Evidence by Ruth Chesney - 9781910513361

This is book 1 in the Search for Truth Series

When Seb, a teenage atheist, leaves Belfast to spend the summer with family whom he has never met, he envisages a dull and dreary two months. Not only do they live on a farm, but they are Christians.

Seb soon finds his beliefs challenged by the clear evidence for a Creator. When cattle begin to go missing from neighbouring farms, he begins to spot evidence of a different sort.

Will Seb and his cousin Lavinia be able to discover who is behind the rustling and stop it before it is too late? What will Seb do with the reality of God?

Suitable for ages 13+

Witness by Ruth Chesney - 9781910513620

This is Book 2 of the Search for Truth series The summer holidays are over and Seb returns to Belfast. As a new Christian, he faces difficult situations and unprecedented challenges while seeking to be a witness for God day by day. When a drastic change in circumstances means that Seb ends up in a perilous situation, he is shocked to discover signs of criminal activity. As things spiral out of control, the word ‘witness’ takes on a different meaning. Will Seb have the courage to do the right thing?

Trial by Ruth Chesney - 9781910513910

A terrible farm accident is only the beginning of a difficult time for Cherryhill Farm. With one disaster after another, in the middle of an already busy season on the farm, cousins Seb and Lavinia are driven to breaking point. In addition to all of this, Seb has the strain of his father in prison awaiting trial. Things go from bad to worse when it becomes evident that someone wants to destroy Cherryhill Farm. They desperately need to find out who is behind the attacks before it is too late. There are many lessons to be learned through the trial, but will Seb and Lavinia listen and learn, or will they ignore and reject what God is trying to teach them? 

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