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Robert Revie

This book has been written to record some of the many experiences Robert Revie and his late wife Sheena encountered over 50 years in Ethiopia and in Scotland. Although feeling that they were going to be in Ethiopia for a lifetime, the introduction of communism in 1974 meant they were unable to continue to serve God in that land, and they left in 1978. The Revies were out of the country for 15 years, but were able to return in 1993. Since that time God has done a remarkable work in Ethiopia, and many believers said that the experiences of Robert and Sheena during the past 20 years should be put in print. This book is the result. It was seen as a real privilege by Robert and Sheena to serve God in the country that received the Gospel initially by the Ethiopian eunuch, and they found it thrilling to see so many trusting in Christ down through the years. What has also been impressive is the way in which the Ethiopian evangelists have reached out to new areas with the Gospel, and it has been a great thrill to see so many who had been involved with Satan worship and idolatry trusting in Christ. New areas are being reached each year, and it is wonderful to see God still at work in Ethiopia

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