From Norwich To Aberystwyth

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Paul Young

John Heading (1924-1991) held in fine balance the secular and the sacred, the scientific and the spiritual. He was a scholar, with high academic qualifications in mathematics, but was also a sincere Christian who devoted his life to the service of the Lord Jesus. He was conscientious in both aspects of his life and saw them not as separate parts but as a complete unity which needed to be lived for the glory of God. There is no evidence that any form of conflict entered his thinking as he studied scientifically while at the same time focusing his attention on the Bible. He fully believed that God had given mankind two books: the book of nature and the Holy Bible. God, in His majestic greatness, could be seen in the natural world but is more fully revealed through the written Word and in particular through His Son, Jesus Christ. Evidently John Heading was capable of combining profound and deep thinking with simple, straightforward trust in the Saviour who died on a cross to bring eternal life to all who believe.

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