Modern books which deal specifically with the Ten Commandments are rare, so this new volume from the pen of Craig Munro is to be welcomed. The author emphasises that law-keeping has played no part in our justification - “a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law” (Rom 3.28) - and neither does it contribute to our sanctification for, as believers, “we have been discharged from the law, having died to that wherein we were holden; so that we serve in newness of the spirit, and not in oldness of the letter” (7.6, Revised Version). However, he contends that the basic moral principles of the law should be worked out in the lives of believers today in the power of the Holy Spirit (8.4). 

The writer shows the ramifications of God’s law as it relates to our responsibilities to Him and to mankind around us, exploring the different ways in which it applies to life in the home, in the workplace and in the assembly. Frequently, he draws attention to Him who is the great exemplar of each of the tenets of God’s law. The Lord Jesus exhibited fully and perpetually all that God demanded in these holy commands, the One “who did no sin” (1 Pet 2.22). 

Pondering this volume will encourage you to be like the “blessed” man of Psalm 1, whose “delight is in the law of the Lord” (v 2). This book can also be used as a helpful daily reading, taking around four minutes to read a section each day.

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