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Moses flees from Pharaoh

Picture Descriptions:

Scene 1: Moses viewing his fellow Hebrew people and the burdens they were enduring
Scene 2: He spots a brutal Egyptian beating one of his brethren
Scene 3: Moses burying the guard he has killed in the sand
Scene 4: Next day Moses confronts a Hebrew who is beating another one, the Hebrew is asking if Moses will kill him like the Egyptian
Scene 5: Furious Pharaoh discovering what Moses has done and ordering his death
Scene 6: Moses fleeing for his life to the land of Midian

Lesson points:

Moses had a privileged but difficult upbringing. Unknown to Moses, God was preparing him for the future when he would deliver His people from their bondage at the hands of the wicked Pharaoh and the Egyptian people. This story takes place when Moses was 40 years old. After being raised by his natural mother until he was old enough, Moses had been handed over to become ‘the son of Pharaoh’s daughter’ - the princess who had found him in the bulrushes when he was 3 months old. (Spiritual application: Moses knew his roots - his birth family and nation worshipped the one true God of Heaven, but the culture in Egypt involved worshipping many false gods). One day as Moses viewed his own people, he became aware of the hardship and brutality they faced at the hands of their rulers, and witnessing a savage attack on a fellow Hebrew at the hands of an Egyptian proved where his allegiance lay. After looking all around, Moses killed the slave master and quickly buried his body in the sand thinking no-one had seen. (Spiritual application: His act however, had been witnessed not only by someone from his own people but obviously by God and the life of Moses was about to take a dramatic turn). Next day as Moses confronted 2 Hebrews that were fighting, one asked the question “who made you a prince or judge over us, are you going to kill me like you killed the Egyptian...!” The truth was out. Pharaoh 40 years earlier had ordered the death of all male babies, one had escaped and grown up in his palace - but again the death sentence was on his head. Moses’ time in Egypt was over for now, he had to flee for his life to the land of Midian where the next 40 years of his life would be spent.

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