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The Birth of Moses

Picture Descriptions:

Scene 1: Construction of Moses’ basket with bulrushes and pitch. Egyptian soldiers in the background following orders to search for male babies
Scene 2: The mother of Moses placing his basket at the edge of the river
Scene 3: Miriam watching from the bulrushes to see what would happen to her baby brother
Scene 4: Pharaoh’s daughter viewing the basket while at the river to bathe with her servants
Scene 5: Miriam approaching Pharaoh’s daughter to ask if she would like a nurse for the baby
Scene 6: Pharaoh’s daughter instructing the nurse (Moses’ mother) to care for him

Lesson points:

Verse 1 tells us that a man from the house of Levi married a daughter of Levi who gave birth to a ‘fair’ or beautiful child - but at a very difficult time. It was shortly after the ruthless command from the ruling Pharaoh to cast all baby boys into the Nile to drown. The love of a mother is unique, she looked after her little son till he was 3 months old, then when she could hide him no longer she turned to desperate measures...she would construct a basket and place him among the bulrushes. (Spiritual application: God’s plan was on the life of this child, the circumstances around his birth would be instrumental in what would happen later). Imaging the feelings of this woman as she left her precious baby alone in the tiny waterproof basket. Miriam, his older sister watched from far away to see what would happen to her baby brother. The daughter of the evil Pharaoh came down to the river to bathe with her servants and spotted the little basket. Inside they found the crying baby whom the princess instantly felt compassion for, and although she knew he must be a condemned Hebrew child, she decided to adopt the infant! She called his name ‘Moses’ which means drawn out of the water. (Spiritual application: Remember, God knows the future and placed Moses in this family for a purpose). Miriam approached the daughter of Pharaoh and asked if she would like her to find a nurse from among the Hebrew people to look after the baby. She agreed and sent Miriam to find one - who would be better suited than Moses’ own mother? God had honored this Hebrew family - not only would Moses’ mother have the joy of raising her tiny baby again, but she could do it without fear - and she would be paid for it! Until the child was old enough to go and live with the princess in the Egyptian palace, he could be raised as a Hebrew and learn about the God of Heaven.








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