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God calls Moses

Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: While watching Jethro’s sheep and goats near Sinai, Moses views a bush on fire
Scene 2: Moses is instructed by God to remove his shoes as he is standing on holy ground
Scene 3: Moses argues with God that he is not able to do what God asked
Scene 4: The staff Moses is carrying turning into a snake
Scene 5: Moses hand with leprosy after taking it out of his robes
Scene 6: Moses hand without leprosy after taking it out of his robes
Scene 7: With his staff in hand, Moses is reminded that God is all powerful and would help him

Lesson points:

For 40 years Moses had been a shepherd looking after his father in law Jethro’s flock. Now he was 80 years old and God’s plan to free his oppressed people from Egypt was about to begin through Moses. One day as he watched the flock near Sinai, the Mountain of God, he spotted a strange sign, a bush on fire would be a common site, but this one was not burning up. As Moses approached to investigate, God spoke to him by name - he was afraid and covered his face - but was subject to the voice of the ‘God of his ancestors’ - “Here I am Lord”. God told him to remove his sandals as he was on holy ground. (Spiritual application: It is always essential to worship the one true almighty God and give Him respect). Moses listened as God unfolded His plan of salvation for His people - with Moses being chosen to speak to the mighty Pharaoh of Egypt, deliver God’s people and lead them out of their brutal captivity. Moses contested God’s choice, saying he was a nobody - but God assured him of His presence. (Spiritual application: God will never give us a task to perform without providing us with the necessary gift). But Moses was still afraid, he asked God who he should tell the King that He was if he wanted to know - to which God replied tell him “I AM THAT I AM” - the all sufficient eternal one. God knew that Pharaoh would not accept His will, so gave Moses three signs to perform - 1: as he threw his staff on the ground it would become a snake - when picked up by the tail it would return to being a staff / 2: his hand would become leprous when placed inside and brought out from his cloak, then be ‘cured’ when the sign was repeated / 3: when he poured out water from the Nile it would become blood. Moses provoked God to anger when he continued to plead that he was not good at speaking. After saying “Here I am” Moses asks God to choose someone else! The final picture depicts God speaking to Moses about His creative power in giving speech, sight and hearing. Aaron, Moses’ brother was naturally better at speaking in public, and God allowed Moses to use him as his spokesman. Moses finally agreed to take on this great task after the wonderful promise of God “I will be with you”.








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