Morton The Life of Charles Morton

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Grace and Mary Morton

In the summer of 1862 Charles Morton strolled into a gospel meeting in London as a thirteen year old teenager and was gloriously saved. When he went home and told his mother the news,she and his sister visited the hall that same evening and both became Christians.

Charles carried a New Testament in his pocket when he started work as a printer. In the evenings when others were asleep he would be found reading the Word of God. This was a habit that woulkd become a feature of his life. When referring to a very worn Bible which had been in daily use for many years,he remarked, "Yes it is shabby,but I don't like to part with it,for it's an old friend.

He gave up his secular work in 1867 and devoted his whole time and strength to the work of the Lord. Charles travelled up and down the countrty preaching the gospel and teaching the Word of God, Sinners werer saved and assemblies established. Before a journey to Scotland,he wrote "Oh Lord, fill me with the Holy Spirit and with power to serve thee with humility, reverence and godly fear"

From 1892-1900 the last few years of his life were spent in Nottingham. During this period he faithfully preached the gospel in towns and villages in Lincolnshire

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