Missionary Travels In Central Africa: Fred Stanley Arnot

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Fred Stanley Arnot

Fred Stanley Arnot 1858-1914 When David Livingstone spoke at a prize-distribution in Hamilton, Scotland, his tales of missionary exploits and intrepid explorations captured the imagination of a young boy. That boy was Fred Stanley Arnot and, after his conversion, the Lord would put into his heart the desire to take the gospel to Africa. For thirty-three years he poured his heart out for Africa, travelling thirty thousand miles of its “trodden and untrodden paths.” He crossed Africa from coast to coast, taking the gospel to slave and king as he went. His relatively short life was spent for the Lord and for those who needed to hear the gospel of God’s grace in the heart of Africa. “From the day of my conversion when quite a boy I cherished the desire to take some share in carrying the gospel to Central Africa.”

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