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Category: Person & Work of Christ

This delightful little book deals with the Gospel records of the Saviour at breakfast, lunch, dinner and even at a wedding feast; sometimes in homes and on another occasion in the open air by the lake side. We learn interesting lessons about Him and, of course, about all the other people who shared the various meals with Him. sometimes He is a guest; on other occasions the host. He even starts some of the meals as a guest but seems to soon become accepted as host!

As befits the setting of these stories and the purpose of the book, we will discover much of the Lord that inspires us and, as a bonus, see into the characters of the other hosts and fellow guests and are challenged to learn lessons from them.

I believe that a careful reading of this book will bring the reader close to the Lord while at the same time providing information as to His social skill set on which He selectively drew for the furtherance of the gospel and the assurance of saints. We may well find ourselves encouraged in similar circumstances to, carefully, "go...and do likewise."

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