The Message Of The Kingdom

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Category: Biblical Study
Norman Mellish

The truth of the kingdom is the central theme of the whole Bible. It is contained in the Old Testament and is the main theme of the New Testament. Rather than discussing the historical and allegorical approaches to biblical interpretation, this book is firmly based in a literal interpretation of the text and a firm belief in the dispensational view of scripture, and of prophecy in particular.

The mind of God in relation to the kingdom began with the creation of the first man, Adam. When God said, ‘let them have dominion’, He was indicating the time when a man would be in complete control. This was carried out by Adam until the fall, but, from that time onward, the world has not been under the control of man but under the god of this world. The word of God looks on to the period when the original purpose of God will finally be brought to pass, as it will under the Lord Jesus.

This book is an informative and a challenging read on an often neglected and misunderstood area of scripture.

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