Memories of the Life and Last Days of William Kelly

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Category: Christian Life

A lovingly written little book, first published in 1906. Written by the brother with whom William Kelly stayed during his last days.

"A great man and a prince has fall'n to-day," Our eyes with tears are dim,  And life is dipt in hues of leaden gray,  As we lament for him. 

Yet rather for ourselves must we deplore  The loss of such a mind,  So rich a treasury of sacred lore,  While selfless zeal, combined 

With that great knowledge, mark'd him all the day  From youth to mellow age;  He was content to win the Master's praise  At end of pilgrimage. 

His was a real eloquence, that made  The Bible wondrous clear;  All tones were in it-answering every shade  Of thought, they reach'd the ear. 

And aye his speech was clothed with dignity,  At times with pathos rare,  Or vivid scorn, or gentle irony,  But weak or aimless ne'er. 

For his the speaker's gifts-yet did we find  Them e'er 'neath strict control;  He sought not to delight the idle mind,  But to inspire the soul. 

And, earnest always, most he kindled, when  Descanting on the Name  Of the Redeemer and the Hope of men,  And setting forth His fame. 

Ah, we no more shall see him-he has pass'd  Into that world of light,  Where flowers are fadeless, pleasures ever last,  And there is no more night. 

"A great man and a prince has fall'n to-day";  I lose a lifelong friend;  But, though a moment grief becloud our way,  Joy cometh at the end.  R. BEACON,

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