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Category: RP Christian Life Theology
Stephen McQuoid

How should Christians respond to the criticism of God that is now commonplace? God is an unpopular figure at best and a monster at worst. Most people do not know the God of the Bible. What they know is the misrepresentation of God that is peddled  within popular culture and by some academics. This misrepresentation is spiced up by the secularists and atheists who wish to malign God’s good name so that He is distrusted and reviled in the public arena and then banished to the margins where He can do little damage. Such activity should be seen for what it is – a quest for autonomy. A bid to live life with no reference to God, a life where human reason decides what is right and wrong, what is true and where God will always be unwelcome. Ultimately the answer is that we should tell the truth about God and should reject every false caricature, every slight and lie about God. Only by doing this will people in our culture be brought to the foot of the cross and be led to the Saviour.


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