The Matter Of Our Minds

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Category: Christian Life
A J Higgins

We live in an anxiety-ridden society. The sale of anti-anxiety and antidepressant medications is at an all-time high. Believers are not immune to these problems. The Scriptures of Truth afford insight and help for all of these real-life issues. While medication and counselling can afford assistance in overcoming anxiety and depression, it is vital to see how the Word of God approaches these problems as well. With chapters covering a range of issues, including the sanctification of our minds, decision-making, meditation, and depression, this volume will be of value to shepherds in local assemblies who have to counsel believers as well as those who have known the distractions and pain of these conditions, and every believer looking for scriptural advice on the matter of the mind. A. J. Higgins is a retired physician who practised for over 40 years in Family medicine. He and his wife, Ruth, are in fellowship in the assembly which gathers in Barrington NJ. His spoken and written ministry is widely appreciated throughout the English-speaking world.

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