KJV Cross Reference Study Bible Peony Blossoms Imitation Leather

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Category: King James Version (KJV)

This convenient compact Bible is full of the study features you love in Barbour's original KJV Study Bible 6,500 study notes, individual book introductions, words of Christ in red, a dictionary/concordance, and full-color maps. Plus, the new-and-improved KJV Cross Reference Study Bible includes many more study helps, including

Center-Column Cross References More than 25,000 entries point you to related passages throughout scripture.

Character Profiles: Fascinating information illuminates 33 of the most important scriptural people spanning the breadth of God's Word.

Bible Background Articles: 28 full-page articles answer questions like "Who were the Hittites?" and "What happened between the Old and New Testaments?"

Questions and Answers: 58 unique questions appear alongside interesting or confusing passages in scripture, giving context and answers that help you grasp a fuller understanding of the Bible.

Charts and Lists: 20 visual aids provide understanding in a new way.

Messianic Prophecies: Dozens of promises of the coming Messiah and the fulfillment of these promises are clearly marked as a helpful study feature.

Parallel Passages: Passages that appear more than once in the scriptures are highlighted as a great new study tool.

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