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Let the children come to me

Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: Parents bringing their children to be blessed by Jesus
Scene 2: Jesus glancing the way of the disciples who are sending the children away telling them not to bother Jesus
Scene 3: Jesus very displeased at the disciples for turning away the little ones
Scene 4: A child is used as an example when Jesus states “The Kingdom of God belongs to such as these” (This slide can also be used to teach account from Matthew 18:2-6)
Scene 5: Jesus laying his hands on one of the children that the disciples were going to reject
Scene 6: Children made welcome to come to Jesus who took them in his arms and blessed them

Lesson points:
This story presents a wonderful opportunity to convey to children how much the Lord Jesus cares for them. In a society where they can feel isolated or unwanted, we have the privilege of pointing them to our Savior who will never turn them away. (Spiritual application: Throughout Scripture we see many examples of the value placed on children by God and many warnings for those who have little time for them!) This story is also recorded by Matthew and Luke, but Mark gives the most information about the event. Parents brought their children to the Lord Jesus to have them blessed. His life was full of action, teaching, preaching, healing etc and the disciples assumed He was far too busy with the crowds that constantly surrounded Him to be bothered stopping for little children - how wrong they were! In a very rare occurrence the Lord Jesus was provoked to deep anger - His own disciples should never have presumed that their Lord was not interested in children. (Spiritual application: Anger for the right reasons is not wrong!) His teaching could not be clearer - “Let the little children come to me and don’t stop them! Jesus told the crowd that the Kingdom of God belonged to such as these. A ‘childlike’ faith is pure and elements of doubt are simply not an issue. When people trust in the Lord, their faith has to be the same - complete dependence. On many occasions Jesus used children to demonstrate a message from God. He took the children into his arms, placed His hands on them and willingly blessed them. As their creator His relationship with the little ones was unique - they were deeply loved by Him. (Spiritual application: On the way to the cross the Bible records that Jesus drew strength from children - showing exactly how precious they were to him.) What a great responsibility and privilege we have in teaching the next generation about the same Savior who loves and cares for them too. Encourage them to take up the offer Jesus made when He said ‘come unto me.’










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