Isaiah's Daughter

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Category: CRT Awards General Fiction
Mesu Andrews

See more of the Bible with Isaiah’s Daughter, the new Biblical fiction release from Mesu Andrews, the author of the bestselling Miriam, as well as The Pharoah’s Daughter.

Ishma, just five years old, is sent to live in the home of Isaiah the prophet. Still in shock from seeing her family violently taken away from her and be put to death, Ishma is alone and held in captivity until she finds a new home. The tender care of Isaiah and wife bring new life to the gift. So much so that they even rename her Zibah - the delight of the Lord.

Adapting to this new life, Zibah grows up to play a bigger role in shaping the future of a nation than she could ever have imagined.

Growing into a lively and passionate teenager, Zibah catches the keen eye of Prince Hezekiah. Set on rebuilding his father’s kingdom, Prince Hezekiah, soon after losing his father, gains a wife in Zibah. Suddenly thrown into a world unlike she has ever known, and with the immeasurable weight of childlessness bearing down upon her at all times, Zibah feels once more trapped in her life. With invading armies besieging the land, and a growing illness in her husband, Zibah has only one place to which she can turn. The path set down by the prophesies of her adoptive father, Isaiah.

Turning to Yahweh, Zibah must learn to trust Him completely, and believe in a God who can accomplish the impossible.

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