Interpreting the New Testament

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David Alan Black
David S Dockery

A collection of essays on methods and issues, represents a cross section of current evangelical New Testament scholarship. As a sequel to, New Testament Criticism and Interpretation, this volume enables the reader to have an enhanced ability to interpret, teach, and preach from the New Testament armed with a comprehension of current issues, trends and methodologies utilized in today's Biblical scholarship. Responsive to the supernatural revelation of the New Testament, yet sensitive to the historical evidence, this work will be of great use to not only students, but pastors and lay people as well. 565 pages, softcover from Broadman and Holman. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Introduction: Authority, Hermeneutics, and Criticism NT Interpretation: A historical survey Basic Methods in NT Interpretation: Textual, Source, Form, Redaction, Literary and Sociological Criticism Special Issues in NT Interpretation: Background Studies and NTI (New Testament Interpretation) Use ofothe OT in the New Study of NT Greek in light of Ancient and Modern Linguistics Discourse Analysis Diversity of Literary Genres in the NT Pseudonymity and the NT Interpreting the Synoptics, Gospel of John, Acts, Pauline Epsitles, General Epistles, Revelation Foundation of NT Theology NT Interpretation and Preaching.

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