Heroes of Faith 2

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Men and Women of Faith

Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: Title screen with generic bible characters representing God’s people who lived by faith. (This slide can be displayed when teaching what faith is.)
Scene 2: Abraham being tested by God by offering his son
Scene 3: Abraham about to slay Isaac believing God would raise him from the dead
Scene 4: Isaac blessing his two sons, Jacob and Esau
Scene 5: Jacob leaning on his staff blessing Joseph’s sons
Scene 6: Elderly Joseph speaking of God’s people being brought out of Egypt

Lesson points:

SLIDE 1: Display this slide while reminding your audience of the lessons learned in part 1 about faith and what it is. SLIDE 2: When we think of great heroes of faith, Abraham is a Bible character that automatically comes to mind. The writer to the Hebrews mentions Abraham and Sarah earlier in the chapter as those who followed God where He sent, and confidently believed His promise that they would be parents of a great nation. Now our attention is drawn to an event several years later where Abraham proved he truly was a man of faith! He was asked to sacrifice his precious son Isaac through whom the nation had been promised. (Spiritual application: God did not want to harm Isaac. He simply was testing Abraham to see if his faith was strong enough to follow this ultimate trial. Later however, God would allow the sacrifice of His OWN Son Jesus) Slide 3: Abraham believed somehow that God would raise Isaac back to life - which displays even further the confidence Abraham had in his Lord. Slide 4: Now Isaac had grown up and blessed his sons Jacob and Esau. He had confidence in what God would do in the future. Slide 5: Elderly Jacob blessed Joseph’s sons as he leaned on his staff, v21 teaches us that he bowed in worship of God. (Spiritual application: Jesus was the only perfect person to live. Jacob, like everyone else, had made many mistakes and committed sins, yet at the end of his life he can look back and see all the areas where God had provided for him). Slide 6: Before dying in Egypt, Joseph confidently spoke of a day when God would bring His people out of Egypt. He commanded his people to carry his bones with them when they left. Sure enough many years later when Moses crossed the Red Sea, they carried Joseph’s bones to the promised land and buried him in a patch of ground that had belonged to Jacob. (Spiritual application: God will always carry out His promises and those who walk closely with Him will experience the guidance of their paths). Closing point - notice the family connection here - Abraham to Isaac - Isaac to Jacob - Jacob to Joseph...Parents who trust in God are expected to teach their children about faith and live by example. (The book of Kings proves that good fathers do not always produce good sons - sometimes the opposite!) But the duty of God’s people is to pass our knowlege onto the next generation and teach them that faith in God is not misplaced.










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