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Men and Women of Faith

Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: Title screen with generic bible characters representing God’s people who lived by faith. (This slide can be displayed when teaching what faith is.)
Scene 2: Abel offering his acceptable sacrifice with Cain in the background who did not
Scene 3: Enoch being taken to heaven without dying
Scene 4: Noah saving his family from the flood
Scene 5: Abraham being called by God to leave home
Scene 6: Sarah with her baby son Isaac

Lesson points:

This is part one in a set of four lessons on the subject of faith all from chapter 11 of the book of Hebrews. Verse 1 begins with a great question “What is faith” - which sets the perfect platform to begin teaching on the valuable lessons that your pupils will really benefit from. God inspires the writer to the Hebrews to recall famous examples from the old testament that help us to understand the vast subject of faith. (You can keep your lessons short and to the point or alternatively expand them to suit your audience). Over these lessons we will simply point out characters mentioned along with the main lessons that we learn from the chapter. SLIDE 1: Verse 1 explains faith clearly “confident assurance” “ evidence of things we cannot yet see” - and uses the example of the creation of the universe. Slide 2: ABEL - He came to God in the way he was asked. His sacrifice was acceptable to God and long after his life was over, his example still speaks to us. (Spiritual application: Testimonies last! Cain tried to use his own way to come to God - and ignored His instructions - if we want to be ready to meet God, we have to come to Him in His way - through the Lord Jesus.) Slide 3: ENOCH - God rewarded him and took him up to heaven without having to die first. (Spiritual application: It is impossible to please God without faith - we are encouraged to seek Him sincerely). Slide 4: NOAH - He was righteous in God’s sight and this resulted in his salvation. His family who also trusted God were saved through Noah’s desire to follow God’s instructions. (Spiritual application: There had never been a flood before - but Noah didn’t need ‘evidence’ - he took God at His word). Slide 5: ABRAHAM - God instructed him to leave home but did not tell him the destination, but Abraham obeyed and relied on God’s promises. His example was followed by Isaac and Jacob as they all looked towards a city with eternal foundations. (Spiritual application: Looking forward to Heaven puts things into context and helps us to face trials in life). Slide 6: SARAH - Although barren and too old to bear children, the bible teaches that Sarah together with Abraham by faith was able to have a child. (Spiritual application: Abraham and Sarah would not live long enough to see the great nation God had promised, but they welcomed the promises of God - when God promises us something - we need to be content). God was not ashamed to be called their God!










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