Football Crazy

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Category: RP Children Books Age 4-7 Prizegiving Offers
Gordon McCracken

Football Crazy takes the reader on a journey with a young football fan. Presented in poetic format, the reader is introduced to a boy who attends the weekly football match with his family. Following their football team is a family tradition and the boy is sad when his Grandad is eventually unable to attend the games. After getting into trouble at school, the boy is banned by his mother from attending an important game. The team wins anyway and the boy begins to think that as a fan, he is not missed. He is then taken by his mother to a place he has no desire to be in, but it is there that he learns of God and how that Jesus came into the world. “For He became my substitute by dying in my place That I might know God’s love and have salvation by His grace.” He trusts in Christ and he now knows that he will never be disappointed by the Saviour who died for him.

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