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Consisting of Blake NeeSmith (lead singer/vocals), Dustin Daniels (bass/guitar/vocals), Josh Duckworth (drums) and Allen Dukes (guitar/vocals), Finding Favour aims to make music that inspires listenersin every aspect of their lives. This is where God’s been leading us for years and now we know we’re home. We pray that our hearts and songs will shine bright into the darkness and together make an extraordinary difference! said lead singer Blake NeeSmith. Hailing from Georgia, each of the band’s members were raised in Christian homes and felt a calling tomusic ministry. After playing at many youth camps across the country, the band signed a record deal, and is quickly gaining momentum with their debut single, “Slip On By.” “Once in a while you hear a special song that immediately takes you somewhere.” “It causes you to think and feel. And without preaching at you, it reminds you of the things that really matter.‘Slip On By’ by Finding Favour is one of those songs. It grabbed my heart and stirred some emotion in me that made me want to live differently.” (Toby McKeehan – Gotee Records co-founder)

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