Essential Questions For End Times

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What can we know for sure?

From There...

  • is anyone out there?
  • who made me?
  • what went wrong?
  • one God or many?
  • what is sin?
  • does morality matter?
  • can religion help?
  • was Jesus just a prophet?
  • is the Bible true?

To where?

  • does our world have a future?
  • what will happen next?
  • are we in end times?
  • will there be WW3?
  • will there be a world ruler?
  • is Jesus coming back?
  • what is the "mark of the beast"?
  • where are you going?
  • is there hope?

Essential Questions for End Times answers many of the "big issue" questions asked by people on our streets every day. It digs up and unearths many of the missing links that are only found in an honest examination of the biblical record.

The material presented will challenge and inform both believer and unbeliever alike by showing that the Bible and science are in perfect harmony. And that 2000 years after his death Jesus Christ is still very much alive!

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