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Elijah Outruns a Chariot

Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: Elijah instructing King Ahab to have a good meal for a mighty rainstorm was coming
Scene 2: Bowed in prayer, Elijah prays to God for rain then send servant to see if there is any sign of clouds on the horizon
Scene 3: Servant viewing the landscape but seeing no clouds. (You can alternate 7 times between scene 2 and 3 if you wish to get the children to count)
Scene 4: A small cloud has appeared viewed by Elijah’s servant
Scene 5: Elijah shouting to his servant to warn King Ahab to hurry incase the rainstorm stops him
Scene 6: In the wild rainstorm God empowers Elijah with a terrific running strength that enables him to overtake Ahab’s chariot!

Lesson points:

With the wicked 450 prophets of Baal slain, Elijah turned to King Ahab who had been corrupted by Jezebel’s evil ways, and instructed him to eat a meal then get ready to journey as there was going to be a great storm. (Spiritual application: No-one had any reason to doubt Elijah as again he had proved the power of the one true God.) As a man of prayer, Elijah got on his knees and prayed for rain. He sent his servant to view the horizon of the Mediterranean sea to look out for any sign of rain but he reported that there was nothing to see. Elijah sent him to look again and again until the 7th visit when he reported seeing a cloud the size of a man’s hand. (Spiritual application: There are lessons to learn here - keep praying and expect God to answer!). The servant was asked to rush to Ahab and tell him to hurry home - if he didn’t then he would be stopped by the rain. Sure enough, the violent storm began, the sky was black with clouds and the rain quickly brought a spectacular rainstorm. God provided Elijah with a supernatural power that enabled him to run faster than Ahab’s chariot - he tucked his cloak into his belt (or ‘girded up his loins’) overtook the King and ran all the way to the entrance of Jezreel which was 17 miles from Mount Carmel. Elijah was a man of obedience and action!










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