The Devotional Life of the Sunday School Teacher

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Category: Christian Life

The real power in Sunday School teaching is not methods, important as it is to have the best of these, nor in equipment, valuable as this is, but in the teacher's own spiritual life. 'Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit,' is the divine revealing of the secret of power in all Christian work. "It is the aim of these simple chapters to put emphasis upon some of the vital elements in the Sunday School teacher's life and work." "The teacher must be Christian. He must abide in Christ and have Christ abiding in him. Then, he must seek the guidance of the Spirit in his preparation for teaching. Only the Spirit can reveal the meaning of the words of the Scriptures, for He is their Author - they were inspired by Him. It is the reverent, prayerful student of the Scriptures who finds the precious things in them." Chapters: 1 The Sacredness of the Teacher's Work 2 The Teacher's Aim 3 The Teacher's Preparation 4 The Spiritual Element in Teaching 5 The Teacher's Life as a Factor 6 The Teacher Representing Christ 7 The Teacher's Spiritual Culture 8 The Teacher's Bible 9 The Teacher and the Holy Spirit

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