The Defining Verse

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Category: Biography Biblical Study
Warreb Wiersbe

Do you know the Bible verse that defines your life? Inspired by the great preacher Charles Spurgeon, Warren Wiersbe launched a personal study of the lives of prominent Bible characters. Interested in more than biographical facts, Wiersbe sought out the themes of each person’s life as reflected in the pages of Scripture.

How does the Bible summarize this person’s life?

What is the key to understanding his or her character?

How do I see my own life reflected in the life of this person? 

The Defining Verse takes you into the lives of sixty-three Biblical men and women who encountered an extraordinary God, from Noah and Moses to John the Baptist, The Samaritan Woman, and Jesus Himself. For each, Wiersbe identifies a Scripture verse that sums up that individual’s life and then reflects on the lessons to be learned, both positive and negative. Now including a personal study for personal self-reflection, you will not only be challenged by these examples, you will be driven to consider what your “life sentence” will be.

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