Dare to Be

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Category: Devotional
Natalie Grant

DARE TO BE Vulnerable – Vocal – Obedient – Forgiven Loved – Changed – And So Much More! When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone? Have you ever realized God wasn’t saying no or wait, but was instead asking you to act out in courage? When you’re stuck in the rhythms and barriers of daily life, you must dare to believe, begin, build, and then dare to dare again. Dare to Be will challenge you to break away from the mundane, and start living to magnify the One who wants to ignite you to fulfill your divine destiny. Get ready to be motivated to… • say Yes! to all of God’s promptings • embark on new adventures • embrace moments when the security of safety must be traded for the bravery of vulnerability This book is written for you, a fellow dreamer who knows that you’re called into the fullness that God has predestined for you. Dare to Be is here to cheer you on, to strengthen your soul and encourage you to venture beyond life as you know it.

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