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Climb – a one-year devotional for teens and young adults

“The Christian life is a lot like climbing a mountain. When we trust Christ for salvation we begin on the gentle slopes, but it’s not long before we are faced with a choice. Are we going to leisurely make our way to heaven, gliding along and living how we please? Or will we choose the steep and difficult path, the path of self-denial, of living wholeheartedly for God?”

From ‘An Introduction to Climbing’, Climb

This 366-day devotional for teens and young adults explores a variety of topics – Bible characters, God’s creation, lessons for Christian living, biographies, apologetics, and studies of several Bible teachings – all with the aim of encouraging you to keep climbing as you live for God and put Him first.

What a blessing I received when I learned about this incredible new book of devotions written especially for teens and young adults! This book is filled with devotions that speak directly to your heart and help you with your struggles and your desire to follow God and His plan for your life. As you read God's Word in your Bible each day and follow up with the devotions in this special just-for-you book, you will enjoy the truths and encouragement these devotions offer to you. Elizabeth George, author

“Ruth displays a real insight into the mind-set and problems of the modern Christian teenager. She addresses many issues in a colloquial style that would appeal to the teenage mind without in any way compromising reverence for God. Reading the book will instil into the young believer respect for God, love for the Saviour, and commitment to the Word of God”. Jack & Lillian Hay.

This book provides simple, spiritual sustenance every day of the year from the Scriptures. Each page can be read in a few minutes. Teenagers have specific issues to face and the carefully selected material will be helpful on their spiritual journey. We all need a varied diet to help us develop and grow and the daily devotional thoughts range across multiple issues and topics. This interesting book will instil desires to meditate more fully upon God’s Word and follow in the footsteps of the Master.   Craig & Hannah Munro


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