Christ's Second Coming

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Donald C Cameron

This book is designed for the convinced to give or recommend to the unconvinced. It is written specifically for young Christians, non-Christians, and those who consider themselves to be on the fringe of Christianity, though others may find it helpful.

Christ intervened unpretentiously in human history two thousand years ago. He has promised to do so again visibly, majestically and in judgement before humankind steps beyond the brink of planetory disaster.

This book asks and answers seven simple questions about Christ's promised Second Coming, including how we may be prepared for it. It lists a number of reason why, much more than ever before, we should regard this Divine intervention as imminent, but emphasises that, when it happens, it will not constitute the end of the world.

In particular it points out the Christ's Second Coming is to be no more a single event than was His First Coming two thousand years ago, and that what each one of us should be prepared for is the opening event, rather than the later "men's hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on earth". The main details of God's declared end-time programme are outlined, supported by Biblical evidence. A number of questions regarding Bible prophecy are answered briefly but concisely.

The book concludes with a summary of what the Bible tells us to do in order to be ready for Christ's Second Coming. The requirements are simple and effective, because they are based upon what He did at His First Coming. We are given the option of accepting or rejecting Him. But that option will not be kept open indefinitely, and the consequences of our decision are everlasting.

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