The Caravanserai

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‘The Caravanserai’ is a book of inspirational poems in two parts by Isaac Ewan.

Part 1 consists of a selection of poems put together by the author himself. In Part 2 a collection of various pieces are to be found, many of them from his earliest poetic essays.

A wide variety of subjects are considered with titles including: ‘Tramp, tramp, tramp’, ‘Azazel’, ‘He loved me so’, ‘A thankful prayer’, ‘The little boat’ and ‘He will come’.

The poem on ‘Eternity’ is one of the most striking and memorable. The first verse reads as follows:

Timeless eternity, Shoreless infinity,

Measureless, limitless, fathomless sea!

Final in fixity, Never to pass away,

Ever and ever and ever to be!

Jack Hay succinctly comments: “The Caravanserai displays a tremendous poetic ability”.

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