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Samuel Hears the Call of God

Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: Samuel working in the temple
Scene 2: Eli greeting Elkanah and saying “May the Lord bless you and give you more children” Hannah is presenting Samuel with a new coat
Scene 3: God speaking the name Samuel
Scene 4: Samuel awaking Eli thinking the voice he heard was him
Scene 5: Eli telling Samuel to go back to bed (slide 4 and 5 can be repeated 3 times to convey the story - the final time Eli is telling Samuel to listen for God
Scene 6: Samuel responding to God this time by saying “speak Lord your servant is listening”
Scene 7: At Eli’s request, Samuel explains his message from God

Lesson points:

Samuel was serving God in the temple as Hannah had promised. Each year as he grew, he was given a new tunic by Hannah as she and her husband came to the temple for the annual sacrifice. Eli appreciated the sacrifice they had already made when they handed over Samuel and trusted that God would give them more children to reward them. (Spiritual application: God is no man’s debtor! Even a cup of water given in the name of the Lord Jesus will not be forgotten - any genuine sacrifice we make for God will be rewarded). Being born in exceptional circumstances like so many other great heroes of faith, God clearly had a plan for the life of Samuel. He was working hard in the temple helping the elderly and overweight priest Eli. One night as he lay sleeping God spoke aloud “Samuel, Samuel”. In those days messages from the Lord were very rare, and as Samuel awoke assuming it was Eli who had called him - he ran to see what he wanted. Eli assured him that he had not called and sent him back to bed. Twice more the exact same thing happened, then Eli realized it must be God so told Samuel to answer Him. For the fourth time, God called “Samuel, Samuel” - this time Samuel responded - “Speak Lord, your servant is listening”. (Spiritual application: Like Samuel God has plans for each of us. He can speak to us in many ways - through circumstances, conscience, messengers, but mainly through His Word, the Bible.) Samuel listened carefully to the message given to him by God which involved bad news for Eli. His sons would be punished for their ungodly conduct. In the morning, Samuel was reluctant to share the message with Eli, but after it was clear that Eli wanted the full truth with nothing left out, Samuel began his ministry in communicating messages from God - whether good or bad news - and his Word went out to all the people of Israel.








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