The Blessed Hope of Pre-Tribulationism

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Category: Prophecy Father's Day
Donald C B Cameron

The two thousand year Church Age is rapidly drawing to its close. Those ominous portents which we are currently experiencing, which the Bible calls the signs of the times, should alert us and encourage us to make the best use of our remaining time. But what happens next? Before earth’s culminating thousand year age of restoration and righteousness comes the mercifully short Day of Vengeance of our God, in which Satan’s Antichrist’s dramatic rise and rapid fall will take place. The earth will be on the brink of extinction. In this book we examine the many prophecies which assure us that believers will not undergo this terrible time, but rather will be caught up or ‘raptured’ to heaven, when the ‘dead in Christ’ are resurrected. This we believe to be the opening event of Christ’s Second Coming. The closing event will be His Return as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, to rule with a rod of iron the world which once despised and rejected Him. This book examines the various programmes held by fellowbelievers, which claim that the Church is to undergo all or part of the Day of Vengeance. and concludes that the Bible teaches a potentially ever-imminent home call for all believers – not only the most spiritual. It is indeed a Blessed Hope – what some call Pre-Tribulationism. This is Donald Cameron’s fourteenth book on Bible prophecy and related matters, and one of his shortest. He has believed in Christ’s Second Coming since about 1945, so has had plenty of time to consider it from all angles! He and his wife live in the Scottish Borders.

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