With The Bible In North Africa

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Dugald Campbell
Dugald Campbell, in a very unique manner, had the great privilege of bringing to many in Africa the message of the gospel.
For over fifty years he had been engaged in pioneer missionary work. The region covered by the narrative is commonly known as  Berberland - the land of the Vanished Church of North Africa - and its desert dwellers and mountain tribes have lived until now in darkness.
The reader of these pages cannot fail to be made aware of the great challenge facing the Christian Church when presented with the stupendous, yet allimportant, task of bringing the Bible to North Africa.The entrancing story in this book is a record of much which had been accomplished, and it shows what consecrated service and zeal can do, but “there remaineth yet much land to be possessed” for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, and the Word of God is the most effective weapon.

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