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Category: Prophecy Bible Class Notes
Alan Summers

These notes were originally delivered to a group of young people in a Bible Class conducted by Alan Summers. The positive impact of these meetings has led to the compilation of the notes into various important topics that should be considered by all Christians today. This is book 7 in the Bible Class Notes series. Prophecy takes two basic forms. There is spoken prophecy. It may take the form of short pithy statements or on occasions lengthy discourses. Then there is written prophecy. The major prophets such as Isaiah and Jeremiah wrote at length. The minor prophets such as Obadiah and Haggai wrote short books. Occasionally the prophets conveyed their message visually. Ezekiel lay on his side (Ezek. 4:4-6). Jeremiah put a yoke on his neck (Jer. 27:1-11).

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