40 Instant Studies: New Testament

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The True to Life series gives busy youth pastors and leaders what they need to help students make a significant connection between the Bible and culture. The True to Life books aren't just filled with information–they're full of wisdom for handling the struggles and absurdities of everyday life! 40 Instant Studies: New Testament uses true-to-life stories and New Testament Bible studies to challenge teens to engage culture.

Each book in the True to Life series features 40 sessions that include:

A Real Story–read about a recent event on a topic like media, sports, odd news, technology, or world events An Easy-to-Follow Lesson Plan–use the Scripture commentary and discussion questions to address the topic raised in the real story A Closing Challenge–inspire students to action at the end of each study 40 Instant Studies: New Testament includes sessions on:

Feeding the 5,000 From Salvation to Glorification Am I a Slave or a Son? Fight Favoritism

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