40 Instant Studies: Bible Truths

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Category: Youth

40 Instant Studies: Bible Truths uses true-to-life stories and topical Bible studies to challenge teens to engage culture and includes sessions on:

Can the Devil Make Me Do It? Why Didn't God Make Me Beautiful? Is Abortion Always a Bad Choice? How Does Islam Differ from Christianity?

Series Description:

The True to Life series delivers an arsenal of studies that ring true to students and open them to exploring Bible truth in more detail. Each study begins with a real story about a recent sports, entertainment, world news, or odd news event and then continues with probing discussion questions and a closing challenge.

The series is divided into 3 volumes that focus on the Old Testament, the New Testament, and hot topics of interest to teens. Every lesson is on a single sheet, perforated for easy removal. Plus, leaders can search the index by lesson topic, Scripture, or story. Each of the books offers a rich selection of 40 Bible lessons that are low on preparation and high in interest.

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