False Apocalypse, False Gospel, False Witness

Ena Young, author of “Now A True Witness For Jehovah” was very interested to read our latest title “False Apocalypse, False Gospel, False Witness” and was happy to endorse this book.

“I must say a very informative book and for those unaware of the teachings of the Jehovah Witnesses, this book will give them great insight into their teachings. For those wishing to witness to the Jehovah Witnesses this book will give the knowledge and biblical accuracy in order to tackle their false teachings with scriptural truth. For those like myself who know their false teachings, this book goes into much detail and provides information on their publications which have long been removed from their library in order to cover up their false teachings and past false teachings. On the whole an excellent book which covers every aspect of the Jehovah Witness teachings and gives scriptural evidence of their false teachings. It is also written with love for those lost souls. 

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